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Aviva Garfinkel
Date: Apr 29, 2010

When my daughter was born 14 months ago I was certain to nurse her for as long as possible. Thanks to the wonderful nursing poncho I was able to do so. A month after she was born I received the most useful present; a nursing poncho. Since then I was able to nurse comfortably whenever I wanted, where ever I wanted, and with who ever I wanted around. I nursed at home with friends, in other friends homes, at weddings, in the park, in the car, and even on an airplane! When I started working I continued using the nursing poncho to express milk on my way to and from work. I pumped milk being covered with the poncho. No one even realized that that's what I was doing! Thanks to the best gift I received when my daughter was born, the nursing poncho, I nursed my daughter till about a month ago.